UC Santa Barbara Design & Construction Services

UC Santa Barbara West Campus Faculty Housing

Santa Barbara, California
Project Status: Completed

West Campus Faculty Housing consists of sixty five living units configured in twenty seven clusters on a site fronting the Pacific Ocean.  Located in the community of Goleta, adjacent to the UCSB Campus, the development encompasses faculty residences, a recreation center and pool. Sited within the context of the landscaped grounds that act as an extension of the Pacific Ocean coastline. 

 The success of the relationships between the structures, the interior courtyards and the attached trellis structures become paramount to the design integrity of the whole. Opportunities to strengthen selective design elements of the residential structures to benefit the complex arise from the approach HHFA accentuates these connections through the introduction of new window systems, the design of new trellis structures rear placed over the carport in addition to a trellis that spans the upper deck and over the ground level patios threads through each of the buildings. It serves to unite the individual residences, the buildings, landscaped areas and the community.