Temple Menorah Master Plan & Improvements

Redondo Beach, California
Project Status: Unbuilt

Temple Menorah originally constructed over several phases during the 1960’s was founded for the purpose of serving a reform Jewish congregation who had located in the South Bay area adjacent to Los Angeles.  The master plan process for the improvements to the 2.3 acre site consisted of the design of infill structures and components to address the functional deficiencies discovered during the programming study.  The programmatic components that were addressed consisted of a new parking structure, commercial kitchen, and an activity plaza.  Expansion of the distinctive Sanctuary, administrative complex, pre-school and elementary school, and recreational activity area were designed as infill projects to improve the 1960’s buildings.  The planning for the remaining site was devoted to the improvement and efficiency of parking and pedestrian movement by coordinating locations of new access points into the buildings without compromising security.