Since our founding thirty one years ago, HH Fremer Architects has provided conscientious solutions to our clients’ architectural and planning efforts.  Led by founding Principal Hal Fremer, our team of programmers, architects, designers, project managers, and technical consultants consistently delivers exceptional results which arise from careful consideration of our clients’ aspirations. 

HHFA operates on the belief that the nature of architecture is in its details. The success of our approach is evident in our innovative designs and our strong reputation for quality renovation. Where practical elements are paramount, we must pay special attention to creating spaces where function can coexist with inspiration. Details can elevate a project’s architectural impact – while never sacrificing comfort and accessibility – and address how the built environment can enrich the experience of its occupants, its surroundings, and its ecosystem as a whole.

We focus on asking just the right questions to provide our clients with the building or space they need. We take pride in our consistent ability to positively influence the way people work and live together, helping to encourage positive work/life environments, and more efficiencies which translates to our clients having more time to focus on what’s important.

We never lose sight of our clients’ budgetary and scheduling concerns. Instead, our team is committed to partnering with you, collaborating to develop the precise program that will intelligently address all of your unique objectives, whether they are LEED Certification, or planning for future growth. Drawing on years of practical experience, we fully engage in the creation of civic centers, commercial spaces, private and multifamily housing, and community and recreational facilities.

HHFA is an award-winning design practice, most recently honored with the AIA Design Excellence Award for Valley Plaza Branch Library.  We look forward to bringing our vision, creativity, technical expertise, and personalized service to help you achieve your goals and meet your challenges.