City of Los Angeles

Rancho Park Golf Course

Los Angeles, California
Project Status: Unbuilt

Rancho Park Golf Course is the most widely used public golf course in the country.  Located in West Los Angeles, the golf course is owned and managed by the City of Los Angeles an operated by concessionaires under lease to the Department of Recreation and Parks.  The demand for new and modernized facilities would address the need for additional capacity for golfers particularly at the driving range and allow for the expansion of much needed youth progCity rams.   This need compelled the Department to establish an improvement program that addressed relocation and new construction while protecting the existing historical Club House.  The improvements consisted of the relocation and design of a multi-level structure to accommodate ninety one tees for the driving range.  The scheme included a unique concept of adjacency with a new Pro Shop intended to provide a higher level service and instruction to the golfers and detached from the existing Club House to protect the historical structure.