LA City College Temporary Facilities

Los Angeles, California
Project Status: Completed

As part of California Proposition A/AA-funded campus improvements, Los Angeles City College needed to temporarily relocate several instructional and administrative departments due to renovations – and in some cases, the complete removal – of their current facilities.  HHFA designed new interim facilities for these displaced departments, including the LA City College Foundation (the fundraising arm of the College), Journalism department (including the operations center for the student-run campus newspaper), Associated Students Organization & Office of Student Life (along with student government offices, a student union & public computer lab), Assessment Center (for paper- and computer-based student placement exams), and Teaching & Learning Center (faculty professional development classrooms and offices).  Tenant improvements consisted of first developing program requirements for the temporary facilities based on current and projected departmental needs, then designing improvements for existing facilities available elsewhere on campus, and planning work and instructional areas where the relocated departments will operate for upwards to 3 years.  Work also included accessibility upgrades where required by the Americans with Disabilities Act, and converting an existing golf driving range and pro-shop adjacent to the LA City College Campus for use as offices for the LA City College Foundation and the College’s Construction Program Manager.