Benidict Canyon Residence
Live/Work Space

Los Angeles, California
Project Status: Unbuilt

When home and office are one and the same, finding a balance between the two can be difficult.  HHFA designed an office/studio addition for a writer director to be distinct and separate from his family home.  The addition sits above a new garage to display the owner’s modest car collection, and activates a little-used portion of the backyard.  A dedicated entrance to the office studio creates a sense of arrival and gives distinction between work and rest spaces. 

An expressed circulation component fitted to the street-facing façade of the addition provides ample natural light while still offering refuge from neighboring sites in the surrounding constrained portion of the Benedict Canyon. Additional bedroom suites accessible from the main house, intended for aging parents, also allow more privacy for both family and guest.

HHFA services extended to assisting the owner in securing zoning and utility easement variances according to Los Angeles’ Hillside Ordinance.